KitchenTable Conversations (KTC)
January 2017 Topics

1. Do people living in rural communities want the same things as people living in urban communities?
2. Do people living in rural and urban communities receive the same treatment?

Gather around our “kitchen table” and consider different perspectives.
Watch this video to see why KTC is trending on social media:

People talking about divisive issues
It’s possible to have constructive conversations about the issues dividing Wisconsin. It’s possible to move our state forward. It’s happening at KTC.

Building a community – Milwaukee & Green Bay Locations
StageW is building a community of people throughout Wisconsin who care deeply about our state and who are willing to gather around our “kitchen table” to rediscover all that we have in common as Wisconsinites. We all meet at the same time so participants know they are part of a much larger community of people able to respect each other’s differences and still unite around the things upon which we can agree so we can move Wisconsin forward. This month we’re meeting at two locations in Milwaukee and one location in Green Bay.

When: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017, 7-8PM

Milwaukee Locations:
Sherman Perk Coffee Shop, 4924 W Roosevelt Drive
Tricklebee Cafe, 4424 W. North Avenue

Green Bay Location:
LaJava Roasting House, 430 Cardinal Ln.

KTC is coming to your community
You can help help unite Wisconsin by getting people talking again. Consider becoming a KTC Ambassador and organizing a KTC event in your community. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Care deeply about the future of Wisconsin
  • Respect the opinions and beliefs of others
  • Attend one KTC event and experience how it works
  • Contact StageW for event approval and coordination