Creating Jobs to Thrive

While the rest of the country battles over controlling the next high-tech industrial park, W-Alive focuses Wisconsin on staking its claim to global leadership.

W-Alive aims to supply the people of Wisconsin with the sustainable technologies and applications needed to eat, drink, breathe, create power and thrive in every climate throughout the world.

Everyone on the planet needs food, water, air and energy to stay alive. Wisconsin’s location and talent make us perfectly positioned to claim world leadership in technology, production, and creativity related to food, water, air and energy. If we agree to strategize around these four areas of job creation, we can create thousands of jobs that align with any and all of our abilities and interests.

Whether you’re good with your hands (welding, construction, etc.), a technology wizard (software development, user experience, etc.), or a storyteller (graphic design, producer, etc.), you will benefit from an ambitious and innovative job plan. W-Alive will power Wisconsin’s economy through the 21st century and beyond. The plan builds on Wisconsin’s strengths, creates thousands of jobs in hundreds of industry sectors and puts people to work in great jobs everywhere in our state. Our plan brings WisconsinAlive™.

Jobs Plan

Please watch/read, question, encourage and challenge our ideas. Your voice will influence how the plan evolves.

Turn Waste Into a Resource for Wisconsin

It’s possible to mitigate concerns over water contamination from manure spreading by regionalizing power plants that process and refine the methane gas and nitrogen generated by digesters installed at large dairies. Wisconsin companies will pioneer the solutions that capture and convert waste into major generators of cost effective electricity, biofuels, ammonium nitrate fertilizer, organic fertilizers, recycled clean water and other useful byproduct applications.

Spark Statewide Commercial Development

W-Alive has plans to restore Main Streets as popular places to shop, socialize and network. ReBrix™ CubeCenters™ are attractive Lego©-like developments that make it feasible for popular retailers and restaurants to offer a “favorites menu” to new and underserved communities. These customized shipping containers are assembled on highly visible but underutilized commercial sites. They generate tax revenue, incubate commercial development and minimize development risk.

Urban Farming Creates Good Jobs Statewide

Urban farming can be a big business that grows hundreds of jobs throughout our state that blossom into lifelong careers feeding entire communities. The W-Alive plan allows Wisconsin families living in poverty to transition off of government assistance; creates huge benefits for Wisconsin taxpayers; helps to fuel the state’s economy with job growth and; positions Wisconsin for global leadership.

Reimagine the Domes and State Fair

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory and the Wisconsin State Fair livestock infrastructure can both be transformed into world-class research and development centers perfecting all aspects of food production and processing. Both locations would serve a parallel mission as urban farming locations helping families transition from poverty by providing certified training programs that empower economic development throughout our state. Both centers will attract world-class scientists; spark entrepreneurial investment and; become year-around tourist destinations.

Make It Easy To Find A Job

W-Alive™ speeds up introductions between employers and job seekers by simplifying state systems, leveraging public websites and creating public/private partnerships to improve efficiency. We establish a 24/7 job concierge service to connect employers to qualified employees. We accelerate how and where employees are trained by making virtual connections; partnering with area technical schools, colleges, and universities and; leveraging the operations of new “host business” jobs training programs.

Harnessing Wisconsin’s Brainpower

Great minds can work together by sparking private/public partnerships by leveraging high-speed virtual connections and industry/education exchange programs to create the jobs and products of the future. These partnerships will generate new business formations in the state; supercharge the performance of our educational system as an economic engine of our state and; serve as incentive for existing employers to stay and grow in Wisconsin.

Family Job Training Programs for a Fertile Economic Ecosystem

W-Alive addresses the labor shortage and removes restrictions to growth, bridging the needs of our families with the needs of our industries; returning prosperity to our cities, towns and villages throughout Wisconsin; cultivating economic development for businesses of all sizes and; creating a substantial benefit for taxpayers as families living in poverty graduate from government assistance to productive new lives where everyone thrives.

Make Wisconsin A Global Leader
Everyone needs food, water, air and energy to live. While the rest of the country battles over controlling the next high-tech industrial park, W-Alive focuses Wisconsin on staking its claim to global leadership by innovating and then supplying customers throughout the world with the sustainable technologies and applications needed to eat, drink, breath, create power and thrive in every climate on the planet.

Reinvigorate Rural Communities
Wisconsin companies will be the first to benefit from the world-leading innovations in food, water, air and energy technologies and applications perfected in our state. These advancements will improve profitability in all aspects of food production, processing, packaging, distribution and other industries and enable Wisconsin entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and reinvigorate our rural communities struggling to stay alive.

Make It Easy To Attract and Retain Businesses
We attract and retain employers by being laser-focused on who we are as a state and promoting our strengths with pinpoint accuracy. This makes it easy for existing employers considering growth opportunities and, entrepreneurs considering new ventures, to understand why Wisconsin is the world’s best partner.

Accelerate Economic Development
It’s possible to accelerate economic development throughout the state and align the interests of local and regional economic development authorities by returning 5% of the corporate tax revenue generated by de novo economic development to the cooperating entities. The revenue returned to local and regional control would be earmarked to build momentum around additional cooperative economic development activities.

Make Public/Private Partnerships Easy
Government can be a great partner with business and community. W-Alive seeks opportunities to create public/private partnerships that accelerate economic development, advance the quality of education and improve the quality of life in our state.

Reward Successful Performance
There should be no cap on success so W-Alive rewards success for actual performance when employers achieve defined job creation goals. Base incentives will be paid to help get projects started and then again when employers achieve 90%, 100%, 120%, 150%, 200% and so on, of the defined goals – the greater the actual success, the greater the actual reward.

Connect The Entire State For Business
W-Alive connects every inch of Wisconsin to high-speed Internet and world-class transportation. The need for the plan is easy to understand – when there is no connection this is no economic development. Broadband access today is as crucial to our state as rural electrification was to our history. Highly efficient roads in good repair are the arteries that bring life to our state. Public transportation solutions energize economic development by connecting workers to jobs.

Pay People Fairly
Paying people fairly fuels growth and supercharges the economy. Rewarding success when mutual goals are achieved aligns interests, builds teamwork and unlocks growth.

Invite Inspired Input
Involving employees in important decision-making and considering their recommendations inspires great ideas that fuel growth.

Keep People Safe
Maintaining a safe place to work is just what you do for your working family.

The Stage is Yours. Share Your Voice.

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